Personal Assistance Services

We are your solution for Tampa Bay professional personal assistance services and home concierge service, from managing your home and personal services to business personal assistance services that can help you increase your productivity. We can provide a full range of services on an à la carte menu all catered to the amount of hours you may need in a given week or month. Learn more about our pricing. We pride ourselves on gaining an ultimate knowledge of each client to ensure unprecedented service and personalized guidance.

Personal Assistance Services Home Management

Premier Lifestyle Management provides specialized home concierge service for our clients’ residences in all capacities. From scheduling home vendors to customizing a home maintenance plan, we ensure your home is maintained to the highest of standards. In many residences, we establish an acceptable home management expectation list for the client/home.

Services may include but not be limited to:
Home Vendor Coordination (Electricians, Air Conditioning, Pet Services, Handymen, Landscapers, Contractors, Home Security, Pest Control, etc.)
Household Purchases
Closet Organizing
Garage Organizing
Mail Managing
Collecting Home Improvement Estimates
Donation Assistance
Second & Third Home Management Consulting

Personal Assistance Services Personal

Let our professional team assist you and become your custom tailored Personal Assistance Services professionals based on YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. You can hand over your “to do list” and consider it done! Our personal assistance services list is unlimited, and can best be described as a part time personal assistant. We can work weekly or biweekly and or set up a regular established pattern or simply go “as needed” for an additional charge.

Here is a small menu of unlimited personal assistance service options:
Grocery shopping
Gift purchasing
Returns and Exchanges
Household purchases
Hardware purchases
Key Copies
Pharmacy needs
Event and Party Planning
Invitation selecting/addressing/mailing
Gift purchasing
Floral Design Coordination
Catering & Entertainment booking
Venue booking
Entertainment reservations secured
Thank you notes written or addressed
Dry cleaning
Hardware store
Post office
Pet grooming coordination and walking assistance
Vet appointments
Travel Planning
Airline tickets
Hotel and dinner reservations
Theatre tickets
Modified house sitting
Travel assistance planning (we will even help you use those points and make the time consuming call to the airline)
Vehicle Maintenance
Car detailing
Oil changes
Service Appointment Coordination
Holiday Assistance
Holiday Tree Delivery & Decorating
Gift purchasing & Wrapping
Holiday Card Writing

Personal Assistance Services Business

Our full-scale Business Personal Assistance Services can help your business on a regular, seasonal, or as needed basis. We offer the administrative support you need without the costly overhead of a full time staff. Whether it’s a large project taking up too much of your time, a deadline around the corner, or an event that needs to be planned, our team is ready to jump in and help. Our clients delegate to Premier with confidence.

Here is a small menu of options:
Virtual assistant
Prepare documents
Document destruction
Recycling of materials
Courier service
VIP Services
Airport meet and greet
Room gifts
Dining and activity planning
Transportation arranging
Travel or Dinner Event Planning
Event and Party Planning
Invitation and Gift purchasing
Floral Coordination
Entertainment reservations
Thank you notes