New York

So, who We Are

New York City’s Personal Assistance Service & Home Concierge Service
Premier Life Management

Our approach is what makes us different, because we are not just an errand service. Instead, we are New York City’s Personal Assistance Service for a premier clientele and prepared to help with the everyday and the extreme. For over fifteen years, Premier Life Management has offered a wide-range of concierge services that simplify our client’s lives so they can focus on what’s important. Likewise, our mission is to manage all parts of our clients’ personal, home and professional lives. Our Team takes care of our client’s “to do lists” quickly and privately and simplify our client’s lives. Thus, Premier Life Management provides balanced client lifestyles and it’s what makes us New York City’s Premier Personal Assistance service provider. Therefore, if you have a home, business or personal need, let Premier Life Management provide fully Customized Personal Concierge Services for you today.


We are Your Solution for professional personal assistance and home management. From managing your home and personal services to business assistance services that can help you increase your productivity. We can provide a full range of services on an a la’ Carte menu all catered to the amount of hours you may need in a given week or month.